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Meet Cody

Owner and Designer of Mid Mod Marvels


Inspired by his longstanding interest in art, architecture, and design, Cody started Mid Mod Marvels in Summer 2023 in Denver, Colorado. He never imagined himself as a jewelry designer, however, his undergraduate background in Art as well as his graduate background in Architecture have set him up to create appealing and highly unique designs.

Geared towards lovers of mid-century modern designs Mid Mod Marvels specializes in wooden laser cut jewelry. Our designs are influenced by personal experience as well as various popular patterns from throughout the 20th Century, but with a heavy emphasis on Mid-Century Modern and nearby decades. You may find stuff with a Roaring 20s Art Deco feel all the way to the waviness of the Groovy 70s. We hope you love what you see!



We love collaborating and custom designs!
(They do not have to be Mid Mod)

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